Are the Cherry MX Clear RGB switches plate mount switches or PCB mounted?


Feb 12, 2021
forgive my ignorance but what does 3 pins mean. my pcb board is a hot swap and I don't recall having a 3 pin female receptor.
Feb 15, 2021
It refers to the number of posts under the switch. If you look at the bottom, there are 2 male contacts and one big round center plastic pin where the switch post is. A plate mount or three pin switch will only have these pins. PCB mount or five pin switch will have two more small plastic pins on either side of the center pin. The last two pins help keep the switch aligned. If you look at your PCB, you'll see two, plastic lined holes for the contacts and one big hole in the center. If your PCB supports PCB mount switches, there will be two additional holes on either side of the big hole for the last two pins. Plate vs PCB mount refers to how you can use the switch. All switches are attached to the PCB and can go through some sort of plate. However a PCB mount switch will align itself and hold straight without a plate, so you can build without a plate. If you want to see a picture of a five pin switch, _generally_ higher end switches will be for sale with five pins. In the listing there will be something like: "you can clip off two pins to make this switch three pin compatible." _Disclaimer: There are high end switches with only three pins. You can build your board however you want. It's all preference, don't come for me._
Feb 12, 2021
photos show 3-pin