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Right, then...
Sorry for the slight blur, don't have a mount for my camera.

In my pockets:
-Hazard 4 Kevlar wallet (sounds gimmicky, but this thing basically stopped accumulating wear after a month, going 2+ years strong)
-Gans 356 Air UM in a Gans bag (that's the Rubik's cube)
-Fenix PD35 (using KeepPower 3400mAh batteries)
-Rotring 800 (first one had a plastic mech, broke lead a lot. Seems they replaced it with metal by the time I got this one, and it's the best pencil I've ever used)
-TWC 10th Doctor's sonic screwdriver
-Wera Kraftform Kompact 25
-Mcusta Katana
-CS GI Tanto
-Some erasers
-HTC One M8

In my Kodiak:
-ThinkPad T450s in a Pelican 1085
-60W ThinkPad charger
-Some cables (2x microUSB, miniUSB, and a miniDP to DP adapter, headphone cable)
-iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit
-Vise Grips (looking to get some Stahlwille locking pliers, but the Irwin ones are still great)
-Ti-36X Pro (only calculator you should ever need, sometimes I carry 2)
-Moleskine classic notebook (grid paper, pretty much just for math, this one has ~1500 digits of Pi laser etched on the front and Dirac's equation on the back)
-Sandisk Cruzer Glide 32GB (looking to get a better one, but it works)
-Pen (I only really care about my pencil, but this is a Uni-Ball Onyx Fine)
-2 Tubes of Rotring Erasers
-Pentel Ain Stein .5mm HB Lead
-No, not the cactus.

And I wear a pair of ATH Pro500MkII's that I got here. Good sound quality, but not very comfortable.
Oh, and I'm looking into lockpick sets, don't have one yet though.

I got the Kodiak recently, and it's responsible for... This...
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I love the rubric cube in the back 😃