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* Original "Black" Starbucks Gold Card

* Pentel GraphGear 500 Mechanical Pencil

* Field Notes 48-page Memo Book

* Hamilton Khaki King Automatic Watch H64455533

* iPhone 7 128GB with Apple Leather Case

* 2013 Honda Civic EX KeyFOB

* Vtin Swan Series Bluetooth Earbuds

* Craft & Lore handmade horween Port Wallet

* Mtech U.S.A. Tactical folding knife

Note: I have over 60 watches in my collection which allows me to wear a different watch every day. So the watch pictured is not an every-day watch.
evan.kahn, Mark M., and 4 others

Knife has got to go! Everything else is very tasteful. I think a Spyderco Dragonfly would be a good fit for you. Just my 2 cents.
Time for a new knife man! Mtech is almost the cheapest of the cheap Chinesium garbage. Not that there aren't good Chinese knives, just not those ones!
Love that watch though. That thing is sexy.
I agree, it's a crap blade that came in a 2-pack being given away during some crazy Black Friday sale about 3 years ago. It's the size I need and clips nicely to my belt but has also come opened a few times which is un-nerving….yikes! I'm planning to upgrade to a more serious piece soon with a focus on a more secure locking hinge (when both opened & closed) and weightlessness.
Hey man, for $20-30 you can get yourself a good EDC knife. Mtech is dangerous.