Number of units in the initial production run.


Chief Product Officer
Feb 18, 2021
Unclear, we had hoped to make a few thousand available but based on production updates from Sennheiser early this morning, it seems like we need to be more conservative to keep delivery in November. Based on the current rate of sale and most recent production information, we may have to stop taking orders some time next week, but that's part of delivering on time, and we're working with Sennheiser to increase the number of units available.
Feb 18, 2021
They mentioned 3000 on the announcement page.
Feb 20, 2021
It's about a 20% discount (unless you buy used) from MSRP not including the reward points; that's a pretty good deal. Although there is no pentacon cable, I don't care because the ones that come with the HD800s are complete crap. You can also return these within 30 days.
Mar 3, 2021
There are so many considerations to think about in this post: 1.) Quantity: There was a post by a Drop rep, but not an official statement as to how many there will be. The HD 8XX is not a high yield product with automatic manufacturing, it’s hand matched and assembled because robots aren’t articulate enough. Furthermore, while Sennheiser needs to keep making HD 800S, the HD 8XX will have to be a separate production. 2.) The HD 800S regularly sells for $1699, and last I checked it was back up to that price. The HD 8XX, at least for this first run, costs significantly less, especially if you’re also upgrading other parts of your audio chain to match this TOTL headphone (or other uses for the $200 Drop store credit). 3.) Whether you consider it a variant or a new headphone, the HD 8XX is significantly different from the HD 800S. The acoustic impedance has been changed (though the electrical impedance at 1 kHz hasn’t been changed, so these are still classified as 300 Ω), there are two resonators, and a few other “secret sauce” changes under the hood to the driver membrane. This is all to change and re-tune the headphone, and some of it is beyond the ability to add to an existing HD 800S. Also, there is cosmetic changes. The HD 8XX is different from the HD 800S as the HD 650 is different from the HD 600 (with different goals, but hopefully you see what I mean). 4.) Regarding other headphones purchased from Drop that broke: Drop is a store. Sennheiser will build these HD 8XX themselves, and Drop exclusively will have access to them. So, construction will be held to Sennheiser standards. With that said, Drop is placing a large order contract, and Sennheiser is making them all for Drop, and therefore all inventory goes to Drop for them to sell and retain for warranty exchanges. When a dealer has an exclusive order, Sennheiser’s repair centers do not have replacement parts at their repair centers, and Drop agreed up front that they would be responsible for returns and exchanges. On the other hand, a non-exclusive product that is sold on Drop, like the HD 660S or Momentum 3, does carry Sennheiser’s 2-year warranty, and Sennheiser’s repair centers do have the ability and parts to repair or replace those non-exclusive headphones.