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Does they ship from inside European Union for EU Drop members? if yes, which is the euro price with taxes?


No. Drop filled a big exclusive order with a contract, so Sennheiser is specially making them with the acoustic and cosmetic changes at their headquarter facilities, and then Drop buys them all and has a big drop shipment sent to their warehouse. Drop then sells individual units to each customer. Compared to the usual HD 800S price of £1399 or €1499, the HD 8XX should still cost less even after import duties.
Jun 13, 2021
Evshrug25%tax + import duty and shipping, they will be more expensive then retail if you send them from us to europe
QbotI don’t work for Drop. They don’t have them set up for individual resale until they reach Drop’s distribution center on a big pallet. Drop used to have a distribution center in Europe, but they didn’t get enough European customers and the distribution center was operating at a loss, so they closed it. I heard rumors before Covid19 that they were looking into an EU distribution center and store again… but that was before Covid19. It is true that Europe has higher taxes (and more state assistance for citizens) than the USA, but basically your choices are importing an HD 8XX from Drop or buying an HD 800S directly from Sennheiser (or an EU distributor/retailer) for currently €1599 including VAT. I think the HD 8XX still works out to be less expensive, and it’s because of the Drop distribution/exclusivity that it reached this price.
Feb 18, 2021
They are made in Germany, so direct shipping from Sennheiser could easily be arranged. Unfortunately, I believe their plan is to ship the headphones to Drop in the US and then distribute them from there.
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