What happens after warranty expires? If Senn. wants nothing to do with it, does Drop have technicians that can replace drivers or fix other issues for a cost? If so, do you intend to keep a selection of (new) spare parts to be able to support this for years to come?


If you go back up in this thread, you will find a whole thread about this. Drop has pretty much said that you will be on your own to get them serviced once the warranty expires.
Does that mean you will not be able to buy replacement parts and repair them yourself? Although I think a high-end product should have minimum 5 years waranty, I think it's a decent tradeoff that they'll sell you (reasonably priced) replacement parts so you can repair and maintain them yourself. A lot of consumer products (or products in general) have a way too short lifespan. I'm not necessarily against the industry of making products, but I'm against filling up landfills with garbage instead of seeing them having a second life or being recycled. We are in fact quite irresponsible. All of us, manufacturers and consumers both. Although the manufacturers have the power to change things, we just have to accept what's available and we don't have expertise and know-how like manufacturers do (which is a foundation for good choices).
Sep 1, 2021
Good news: If you look at the stickied post by Will from Drop in the Discussions, they gave the update that Sennheiser will service the headphones after the warranty is up.
Feb 20, 2021
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