Does the cable split to dual 3.5? If so you can use a balanced cable the same as that you would use on the HIFIMAN Sundara correct?


Sennheiser chose an off the shelf headphone connector (also used by Campfire Audio Cascade and ENIGMAcoustics Dharma headphones), but it’s not a 3.5mm tip. It uses magnets and a large contact surface for a very good electrical contact… they assumed most people wouldn’t change the cable unless it was damaged, and they tried to make the cable with a tough sheathe. Interestingly, the stock cable is silver plated OFC wire in a balanced configuration all the way down until it is terminated in a 6.35mm single ended plug.
Sennheiser made a custom connector. I'm pretty sure it's specific to the HD800 series and won't work with the Sundara connector. Correct me if I'm wrong here, guys.
May 18, 2021
Campfire Audio Cascade uses same connectors as HD800. Still won't work with hifiman....
Feb 19, 2021
If the cable is the same as the 800 and 800S, then no, it's different from the Hifiman's. Those use a proprietary termination.
A proprietary termination surely cost more, no? Why not just use the ubiquitous jack? I'd assume it would save both Sennheiser and consumers money.
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