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Who exactly requested for increased low end frequency response, tweaked midrange and boosted highs?


Jun 27, 2021
Considering I have to heavily EQ my 800's for added bass, me?
Feb 21, 2022
Audioscience review is a joke... reminds me of the late Julian Hirsch. All they do is measure, they don't bother to LISTEN. As the guy said, a true audiophile won't use equalizers or tone controls. That's why there are many headphones around... buy the one that suits your listening biases and don't introduce additional distortion or noise. That's why most audiophiles, the ones I know and me, have several headphones/IEMs around... as well as several DACs, etc... I do disagree that audiophiles don't listen to PCs, though. There are many modern DACs that can be driven successfully over a USB connection. Even a lowly Android device can drive a good DAC and a good set of headphones. Heck, I use one such set up to drive Tidal HiFi into the AUX input of my main system's tube preamp. Sure, the DAC cost$$$$ but it sounds awesome!
Nov 2, 2022
I just happen to be one of them. If the physical design/out of the box doesn’t produce what I’m looking for it gets sold and I’m someone who has put around $20,000 into his build in the past. EQ just tweaks the signal. It’s not a magic bullet for the design of a headphone.
May 25, 2021
Check out the ASR review of the HD800S, they're missing energy below 100hz and missing some energy at 1-5khz. It looks like the HD 8XX will still need a little EQ to bring them to the Harman target response curve, but they do look a little better than the HD800S. I'm not sure how much you can take away from the "highs" changing in the HD 8XX, that part of the frequency response is usually hard to measure due to lots of audio reflections
dm94aq7Yes, audio reflections in the human/measurement ear, plus a masking effect when multiple tones are being played simultaneously. Actual musical performance isn’t well reflected by frequency response graphs, but it is one of the easiest measurements that can be taken by reviewers.
Many many people wanted more bass, and to do that without a masking effect and less perceived detail, the whole frequency response needs to be reconsidered.
Feb 24, 2021
Dec 5, 2021
CasioPSXLOL... Well said.
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