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Will this product improve microphone pickup (sensitivity)? I use the drop sennheiser px37 with Dragon voice recognition software for work, and it’s not picking up all my dictation. Thx!


Feb 23, 2021
This device will not alter the sensitivity of the microphone. The device, or software once the signal has passed through the device, *could* be used to boost the signal, but if the mic isn't sensitive enough, this device can't fix that. With the headset you are using (assuming it is in good working order), the mic sensitivity shouldn't really be a problem as long as it is positioned appropriately. This headset does claim that the mic pattern is noise canceling, so it is possible that if you aren't speaking right into the intended mic, then you are picked up as background and canceled out. I don't have that specific set, but typically a noise canceling mic is really just two mics with inverted polarity, so if you are equally loud to both mics (as most of the background noise would be) then the two signals will cancel to no waveform. If, however, the problem you have is caused by EM noise within your case or the like (rare-ish-er than it used to be...) then you might possibly resolve some issues with how you "sound" to the software by converting the signal away from and outside the computer case. For *that* issue, any external dac will resolve the problem as long as there isn't also interference between the mic and the dac. You should be able to check the signal of the device within your OS to see if it is getting a consistent signal. I would check there. It is also possible that your signal is being processed by any manner of software or drivers in some way that adversely affects how Dragon is receiving your audio. I can't be sure, but my gut says that this device is unlikely to resolve the specific issue you asked about.
Feb 23, 2021
PurpleTurplePurpleTurple, Thank you VERY much for your detailed reply. Greatly appreciated!!!
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