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New discussions layout

Just wondering what everyone thinks of the new Discussions layout. Personally, I'm not a fan of the new format. Although it may make sense to have new posts at the top, I find it a little strange to scroll down to read previous comments. I guess you could say I'm used to reading DOWN, as opposed to UP, if you know what I mean. I also liked the previous method of being able to read conversations via the CONVERSATIONS tab. Additionally, I thought it was a little strange this change was made without notice. It's also strange that this hasn't been addressed. (Posting this in the AUDIOPHILE section since this is community I most often visit & since there is no GENERAL section).
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@ltopper thanks for the update. I've actually been avoiding the comments section for anything but the newer drops as it's quite frustrating navigating all the comments. (I'm not even attempting the HD 6XX section, with 7500+ comments, 90% of which are complaints, there is barely any actual "discussion" going on in that section).
I'm deeply saddened that I can no longer give people a poo for particularly bad posts.
Poo was nice for people not even worth replying to. However, I think keeping it around would cause more poo-flinging than usual. We will have to live with it, haha.
Do not like it at all!!!
Agreed. This new discussion format is a disaster in that's it impossible to read just the newest posts. Massdrop, please revert back to the previous layout.
We're working on fixes & improvements. See here: https://www.massdrop.com/talk/734/new-discussions-layout/577110
Hang in there!
They really need to fix this. Just went into the HD 6XX discussion and I had to wait for 600+ comments to load. Even more annoying, I'm reading replies before the actual comments people are responding to. It's back-asswards
Totally agree - the HD 6XX and the site traffic generated a lot of issues which turned the individual conversation into a mega thread. We're learning from this incredible test of the new system and are working quickly to improve it.
Addressed in a different section, and I agree. Infinite scrolling is bad, pages are fine as long as there's a search function.
(perhaps there should be a general section for... general things and feedback regarding the site itself?)
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I had the "only at the end" bug, too, but it went away on a refresh. That really would have been the icing on the cake if it was constant.
@Waah @rantng @dragon788 @billnye - You all bring up important points. We're actively working on improving Comments & Replies as well as the Talk feature itself. Each of these were early versions and we have plans to continue to iterate it on them - next up is working on sorting mechanisms and comments search. We just released a fix for Comment & Reply editing - but please let me know if you continue to see any wonky behavior. Please feel free to continue to post here or shoot us a not to our product feedback email - wishes@massdrop.com
Hope you're all gearing up for a happy holiday week :)