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Something Big is Coming...

and it's
Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX Headphones:
We've hit over 9000 requests now!
ijgprojects, , and 60 others

Looks like I missed it. On a positive note, it would've been an impulse purchase anyways. I think I'll be fine with my X1 and ZMFs for now, haha.
I've been trying to order a pair since 8:59 a.m. ET, which translates to 5:59 your time. Had to leave my office to vote and have been trying on my phone ever since. Total time attempting to place an order: 1:45 hours.
Edit: Finally snagged a pair! I feel vindicated, but massive overloads shouldn't happen during a drop. Definitely tell us what's up with your servers, Massdrop, and try to fix the issue if you're going to continue working with Sennheiser.
Never could get in this drop no matter how much time I let the join drop spin. This really sucked.
I just posted on the discussion thread asking Massdrop to consider allotting 6XXs from duplicate orders chronologically to people who posted in the discussion group about not being able to get through. What do you think, Massdrop -- sift through those posts in the name of allaying good customers' frustration? Please do that with the extra in my transactions list. Thanks.
Will there be a notification saying that you have joined the drop?
I WANT..., !!!!!!
So is this going to be just the Chinese made HD650?
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no, it is made in the same plant as the normal 600's and 650's. Made in ireland
Yeah found out about it a day before the drop... and than the drop happened and picked up on an L. Good on MD tho for getting us the real thing. Not the Chinese version.
Lots of peoe who have no experience with high end audio read reddit and other forums and get suckered into the HD600 just to find themselves getting bored of these headphones causing them to spend on other headphones. The fact is they are very un-euphonic and I found myself boemg unmotivated to listen to music while I was testing them. These are very old designs there is better in the mid-fi price range.
Bought a pair a while back and was not happy with the high freq responce. And as a result their stereo imaging/sound stage. But many people love them, so try to audition a pair. I ended up springing for an HD800 that I love. But very very pricy.. I also thought the AKG 701 Q is cost effective. High freq response, Stereo Imaging & Sound Staging is all excellent, though btm end is a little light & they feel a little flimsy. But to my ears, the AKG 70x sounds closer to the HD800 than my HD6xx. Just my opinion.
Where do I sign up to be notified?
Is this going to be made in China?
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By a merry group of drunken magical leprechauns.
Damn I need a pair of these magical slightly skicky eadphones!
Fuck yeah I'm Irish
Will my FIIO Eo7k power these?
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My FiiO E07k drives my beyerdynamic DT990-Pro 250 ohms very easily and still have enough power to drive simultaneously my Hifiman HE400i (35 ohms but only 93dB sensitivity), so.
Wow. I'm keeping my e07k. Yeah I actually have the creative e5 too and at times I feel the fiiO is still more powerful. :-P
Is the quality of the HD 6XX closer to the HD 600 or the HD 650?
These are based off the HD650.
When will the drop start?
November 8th at 6 a.m. PT
Post to US only? No information about shipping outside US?
There'll be international shipping. The costs will depend on weight and the country where it is being shipped to.
are these still made in ireland?
Yes, these ones are.
If I want to use my TH-X00 drop credit on these, do I first buy them and then email support afterwards?
That is correct.
should I sell my MDR-1A for this or keep both? decision decision...
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yea that's what I have in mind.. I'm trying to figure out a justification for my wife when she sees another cans on my desk
Well , just tell her that she can use sometimes MDR-s 😁
Welp... I paid $400 for these a year ago. I feel bad now
Hint while I am working on this.
The page is on the site. Maybe you guys can find it ;p
boom, i called it
Just can't wait!!
We are preparing the announcement right now. Give us 30 min and we'll do the reveal.
Don't forget to autograph mine before it ships :p
So is it the 3rd there yet? Already on the 4th over here yo.
awesome way to increase traffic to your website with everyone pressing F5 every few minutes! Well Played, Massdrop!
Going to bed. Guess I'll find out what the big one is on the 4th.
Still waiting :-)
Only a little bit longer now. I'm betting on a Sennheiser HD 6XX Massdrop edition with enhanced bass and more forward mids (compared to the 650) Which would put me in quite a tough position since I own both the 600 and the 650...
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I don't think the bass in enhanced rather contrary...see the FR graph
No, it's only a re skinned HD650, nothing new. Still a bargain though.
Come on guys, I'm totally distracted from work today. Let us know what massdrop's is up to...
Its almost the 4th in Australia already :(
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Okay it's the third now, tell us!
Now it's after 6:00 on the 3rd in California. C'mon, update!
so, what's the news?