I replaced one tube, tube rollin. The large tube is an original RCA tube from the late 60's. Sounds so delicious!
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Mar 1, 2021
Can you share some details about that tube from the '60s? ;)
Mar 2, 2021
Of course. Thanks for asking. It's a warmer, more satisfying blend. The lower tones go so low, almost inaudible. It's difficult to describe really. To hear it is to love it. It's a definate improvement over the stock tube. It also takes some time to warm up. I'll leave the amp on for at least 30 minutes before I use it. That tube reaches over 200° F. Closer to 300°. So it must be monitored. I would never leave it on and leave the house. I have on order a RCA driver tube. After I receive that and complete some tests, I will elaborate on the newer tube. I'll say this, I love using NOS from the 50's and 60's. Its a genuine tube sound that cannot be replicated. Sounds different on every other system. Realizing that tube amps really mess up the sound so it's less analytical does not go against my desire to have a true black background. You can get that very quite, dark background and also enjoy the sound from a critical listening viewpoint. I love critical listening. Now that tubes have entered the listening arena, I feel they provide even more warm, enjoyable sound that simply can not be replicated on another system. Each tube represents different sound attributes. So the enjoyment of tube rolling is easy to achieve.
Apr 11, 2021
Thank you to show me, where to start (NOS tubes from 60'). I've had some setbacks previously, but now I'm happy with the first results (sound improvement). My first Svetlana-Sylvana pairs gives me so much joy. Tere are some other tubes waiting.