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Do I have to be plugged in to use the mic?

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Mar 2, 2021
Yes. Using the plugged-in mic also causes the headphones to operate passively powered which can be positive or negative. The mic terminates to a 4-pole TRRS connector and comes with a y-splitter/extension, so you can use your choice of dac/amp combo for the stereo signal. I've played around with a few combinations and this is what I've found: 1) The Pandas are incredibly sensitive/easy to drive - I've yet to find anything that struggles with them 2) Passively driven Pandas are solid at "revealing" flaws in your analog source - Bluetooth sounds better than my laptop's built-in headphone jack, etc. 3) When plugged in, the "sound-signature" of various DACs are noticeable - These are the first pair of headphones I pair with specific DACs for specific music. 4) The microphone's sound quality is above-average (don't have a ton of personal experience with headset mics) and less impacted by mic-in ADC quality. The Drop Pandas w/ boom mic and paired with a Schiit Hel (Fulla should work to given the ease of driving Pandas) absolutely blows my prior setup (Blue Yeti + HD6XXs) out of the water.
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