Hello. Am I able to use this on my HD600? I want to use the balanced out on my ES100 Bluetooth amplifier


Yes, HD650/600/6XX and others use the Senn 2-pin. I use mine with a HD650 and an ES100.
Mar 2, 2021
Thank you so much for your answer. Do you think it’s worth me trying? Does it do more than simply add more volume from the balanced port because of access to more voltage? As of now I get more than enough volume from the single ended port. However some people read more power translates to better bass and better soundstage and separation. Doe this provide more power at lower volume and therefore better sound? I already listen to it loud enough I don’t want to damage my ears by simply turning up more volume and more power!
I've not used the SE output much with my HD650 on the ES100 so I can't say either way if it makes much of a difference. The stock SE cable length and connector aren't conducive to portable use. The length, stock aesthetic and ability to use with my various balanced sources was the draw for me as some of those perform noticeably better via the balanced out. Balanced operation has it's benefits but it's not something I think is necessary for every user, particularly in the portable arena.