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How'about a Cooking/ Kitchen community?

Since the short time I've been on here, Massdrop seems to be a "Get all things expensive or weird that you wouldn't necessarily know about or pay for at a full price due to it's specialty nature" type of site. With that, I haven't been here long but I have already seen some kitchen gadgets and knives/ utensils on the list to vote on and as drops to get. I'm not sure if this has been brought up elsewhere either but I would love to see a cooking/ kitchen community, and Massdrop for as powerful this community is probably could see a big turn out for cooking and kitchen tools. I think there is plunty of stuff we could see drops for
  • Sous Vide (immersion sticks, vacuum sealers and bags, specialty equipment)
  • Baking equipment and accessories (mixers, trays, forms. etc)
  • Kitchen knives sets (no longer grouped with ultralight or everyday carry)
  • Dinnerware sets (from elegant plating solutions, to nerdy and perfect [ those lightsaber chopsticks anyone?] )
  • Specialty and non-specialty cookware and utensils
  • Storage and organization solutions.
  • Other things I haven't thought of yet or don't know about that I'm sure the community could request.
so yeah.... I'm not really sure but I have added this post to the "everyday carry" community as I'm not sure what community would benefit the most from it as I think it's all of us perhaps as we all eat food. Let me what you think.
steve, at0m, and 7 others

I think this would be a great idea, especially for knives
I think this is a great idea and i would like to see a cooking/ kitchen community in the future.
I can get a lot of things for my desktop/gaming setup. But my Kitchen needs a Massdrop Upgrade