Panda Firmware Update (Rolling)

Update 3/30 Hey Friends, Today’s the day. SoundID + Custom EQ update is available for Panda.  For this first update, you’ll need to use our OTW update tool, download the windows or Mac version here: For best results, power off your panda, turn off BT on all paired devices (computer, ipad, phone, etc), and connect via the included USB-C cable and start the update process.  It should take about two minutes, and at the end you should see firmware version 20003 displayed: 
Now, activate BT on the device that you’re using for SoundID (iphone, android, etc), connect Panda, and open the SoundID application (make sure you downloaded the update today).  At the bottom right of the SoundID app you’ll see a “+” and the word “connect” below it. Press there, and on the next menu you should see DROP Panda, and an option to connect on the next screen. Initial connection and profile upload should take about two minutes (once you complete your SoundID profile). This load time is required for any profile you upload to Panda.  The SoundID app will tell you when the upload is complete and from the connection menu you can toggle on and off the SoundID personalization.  Congratulations, your Panda is updated, you have access to parametric equalization via the “customize” option on the profile selection screen (main screen of the application, press the SoundID visual on the top half of the screen).  It’s been a journey, but we’re here folks, post your favorite curves and respond here with questions! Update 3/25 Hey Friends, Validation is going well overall but we've hit a snag on the initial updater portion. Our team is working over this weekend to resolve this and keep us on track for a 3/30 release. The firmware is working great, the remaining challenges are with a small piece of software that everyone will use to flash the first update. Previously I had updated and said that everyone will be able to update over the air via the SoundID app. For stability reasons, we had to change to an over the wire updater for the first update, and following that, future updates can be applied over the air via SoundID. Here's a screenshot from the updater, see you on the 30th.

Update 3/21 Hey Friends, Sonarworks has released the final test firmware to our team and we are validating. All signs are good and we have confidence in a release by 3/30, hopefully sooner. Update 3/12 Hey Friends, Decided to change this format a bit, keeping all the updates in this post going forward. The Sonarworks team has been working hard to resolve the remining bugs and produce a stable experience. Right now, they're working on a final bug in the interaction between Sonarworks EQ and LDAC. Sonarworks has assured us that the solution is in sight, and we will be able to release a stable update in the days ahead. I'll post the relevant download information here once available, hopefully during my update next week, just depends on this final round of debugging. Thanks again for your patience, we're all looking forward to rolling this out. Update 3/5 Hello Friends, Work continues on our sonarworks integration. We're nearing the end of that process and I can provide some context for this update. The update we're working on now is focused on two areas
  1. Sonarworks Integration
  2. Update Infrastructure
We've talked about the benefits of Sonarworks (EQ, SoundID, etc) so let's focus on Update Infrastructure. Update Infrastructure is about what we can update and how we can deliver those updates. For this first update, some of you will need to update via USB C (installers will be provided for OSX/Win), but most of you, and all of you for all future updates, will be able to update over the air via the Sonarworks app. Beyond updating over the air, this update includes a variety of back-end changes that will address some QOL issues and enable further firmware development. Thanks for your patience, we'll be back next week with hopefully our last update before release.

Mar 31, 2021
Hi all First of all thank you for being so keen on trying out SoundID personalization with your Pandas. We're excited to see such a great activity. Unfortunately this activity was one of the main reasons why the beginning of launch didn't go as smooth as planned. Here's a brief status summary: Profile upload and generation times The major problem immediately after launch was that we had a bottleneck in server performance during biquad calculations for Panda DSP that resulted in super long profile upload and generation times for users. Some of you are asking why there is a server involved in this and the reason is that optimizing for computational efficiency of the filter on the headphone is important, it's a relatively challenging mathematical problem to crack, so therefore it's done on the server side.  We noticed first problems at 12PM PDT time, March 30th and were doing emergency repairs. There was some downtime of service during that hour. At 4PM PDT time there was again some 20 minute downtime. During these downtimes we were able to fix immediate problems and after that all seems stable, server is coping with inflow. Other common issues we see
  • - Some users are reporting that they see a firmware update via SoundID app, even after they have used the desktop updater tool. This shouldn't happen if the last updater version is used. Please download them from the links Will has posted at the very top of this thread
  • - Some Android users have reported that they can't connect their Pandas to the SoundID app. Please check if you do have the GPS and Location services turned on for the SoundID app. This is due to Android Bluetooth LE requiring location/gps to be enabled. We will also soon release a new app version where this will be put in the troubleshoot section.
  • - In case you can't find where the EQ is located, please tap on your unique SoundID profile pattern at the home screen. That will show the option to Customize. Here's a short screen recording of that 
  • - We see that some users tried to connect Pandas to our desktop application “SoundID Listen”. Please bear in mind that SoundID Listen doesn't have any EQ or personalization controls and since it is still in Beta, it was never part of the launch. Once you set up your Pandas via mobile app and get the sound you like, the profile gets uploaded to headphones and from that moment headphones are personalized no matter which device you connect them to. You can always return to the app and choose to modify your SoundID or turn it off should you want to.
We are still following closely the activity on our end and in this forum. Reach out if you still have some issues regarding the SoundID experience, we're here to help! Please use this thread as a main communication place regarding SoundID experience - Thanks!
May 31, 2021
How could I get a replacement for the failing earphones? Are you guys serious about taking care for this issues. It is just frustrating to try to use them and hear the odd notices and the lack of work. I wanted to like them especially because of the price but... Please help
May 31, 2021
After the update the earphones are useless. Now they fail continually and would not turn on randomly or turn off randomly. What a shame for there seems to be no solution and no real answer. Hope you guys figure something after so much wait and so many promises. How do we fix the issues after firmware update?
Apr 29, 2021
This is insulting that this link leads to nothing except "cannot run on system". Irritation level is rising considerably. Give us directions, this link leads to nothing except random files, what do I do with this? I extracted all, I double-press setup, it tells me cannot run. contact application vendor. Computer whizes who somehow downloaded something from this, what do we do????????????????
Apr 26, 2021
I received my 2nd replacement (3rd pair) of Pandas on Friday. Today is Sunday, and I am happy to report they are working noticeably better than ever! The connection is seamless and stays connected. (The Pandas shut down if you don’t use them for a period of time, but that’s fine by me.) I’ve always liked the sound but the first two pairs were a disaster. This new pair is working flawlessly, so I am much happier!! I had been pretty critical before (and I believe rightfully so), but this new pair is fantastic. I’m a drummer and I recorded two tracks with different artists this weekend. Got to listen to the playback on my FULLY FUNCTIONING PANDAS! (Knock on wood.)
May 4, 2021
Got my 4th pair today man. Totally understand your frustration/excitement. They are good headphones but I don't know what's wrong with their quality control.
Apr 14, 2021
why cant i use any USB type C cable to update it? I don't understand why they would make you use a single cable that they alone sent you. I'm sitting here trying to update my pandas and only have a Samsung type C cable which is not working for some reason. I realize it says to use the one included, I'm just stuck here without it wondering why they would do this to me. lol partial joke but still curious if there is a valid reason.
USB-C cables are wired differently by different manufacturers, there is no universal USB-C cable unfortunately, try a few if you have different ones handy, our configuration is one of 3-5 main standards used across CE products.
Apr 14, 2021
Okay, so I updated these and one REALLY odd issue I find with the SoundID app is that the settings that work very well with my phone's in-built EQ and with my RME ADI-2 DAC FS in wired mode, don't sound the same when I put them in the Sound ID app. It does upload the settings to the Pandas, and it is great to have a feature like this, but the EQ just sounds wrong with it. For now I'd just stick to my phone's in-built EQ (I have ROG Phone 3), and I understand that one is a fixed band EQ, while other is a parametric EQ, but even so, I am pretty sure about the settings that I am using, especially after cross checking with ADI-2 DAC, and they don't sound correct with the SoundID app + hardware upload method. I hope this can be improved with time, I've tested this enough times to be certain about this, maybe the DSP works a little differently when the settings are uploaded to Panda's hardware. Following are the EQ settings that I find to work well with other EQ methods: -3.0 dB @ 2.5K with a Q of 1.0 (peaking filter) +3.0 dB @ 12K with a Q of 0.7 With fixed band EQ in my phone, I made similar adjustments in the nearest band available.
Mar 31, 2021
Anyone else not able to create an account right now for SoundID? I've tried on my PC and in the app. My headphone update worked though!
Mar 31, 2021
Have tried the update on 3 of my macs and no success. All bluetooth is off and have tried 2 different usb cables, including those that came w/ the panda. The macs don't seem to recognize the panda headphones and all I'm getting is the initial screen "Connect" screen shown above. I'll put in a ticket to support but is anyone else having problems getting their macs to recognize the panda?
Please reach out to the customer support team.
Apr 23, 2021
Were you able to fix this? I have the same issue. Can't get my computers to recognize the panda's. Please help
Mar 31, 2021
Question: I ran the SoundID sound preference test and hearing test on my Samsung phone, and realized afterward that I had still enabled the customized equalizer in system settings and Dolby Atmos turned on. Is it recommended to disable other sound transforming settings on your device when using Sound ID?
From an objective sound quality perspective, probably, but do what you like.
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Jun 15, 2021