I’m strongly leaning towards buying these. I would be mostly using them to listen to my Vinyl collection and at the lower end of the volume scale in a quiet house. I’m looking for something that reminds me aesthetically of my now broken antique hitachi headphones that I’m emotionally invested in, and at the same time has good sound quality. My turntable (looking to upgrade at some point) is connected to a Sansui 771 receiver (I know not the best but I have a connection to it). My question is, would the linear pre-amplifier advertised as an option for this, give me any appreciable improvement in sound quality given the receiver I’m using now, the volume levels I’ll be using and the environmental conditions? Thanks for any advice.


Apr 19, 2021
If you are listening vinyl I think you should stick with your Sansui. First of all the headphone amp doesn't have the phono preamp that is build in your 771, and second if the receiver is not broken it will sound probably very warm and pleasant with these headphones. Keep in mind though - these headphones have very low impedance.