How does this compare to the HE4xx?


Mar 27, 2021
I promise to let you know! I bought the HE-4XX from Drop last year. I found them to be very "utilitarian" and kinda a rough draft, or what appears to be an unfinished version. They do sound very good however, so much can be forgiven. My most recent headphone acquisition is Beyerdynamic DT 1770 Pro 250 Ohm. I had thought I reached the pinnacle already with headphones, but these 1770 Pro's keep me coming back for more. There are so many layers and within that wide soundstage, audio sounds, almost as if it appears in colors. From very dark to bright. Every note is revealed exactly as the artist intended. Its kinda freaky how they achieve this. In addition I own the the Hifiman Sundara and they sound very, very good too. So I was able to buy the HE 400i for $135 with my credits. Before this drop ended, in 2 days from this reply, I just could not say no. Planars are a fascinating format. I promise to give you a full comparison in the next few weeks!