Keys no longer light

I bought a $225 Control Keyboard (Black I MX Brown RGB) which was delivered in October 2020. My Tech Friend programmed it for me so that the keys all light white when I click Fn/X. I've enjoyed using it ever since! Now, suddenly, in March 2021 none of the keys light at all but the lights come on underneath the keyboard. I'm not technical and have no clue how to fix this. It's very annoying to have my productivity drop because I can no longer read the keys. I found a "configuration" diagram on the web but it didn't address my problem. I don't see any Support options. Help, please!

Mar 8, 2021
My Tech Friend got back to me with the answer to my question:  Click Fn/Z to change "Mode" from lights underneath to keys and back again as needed. Fn = On/Off; Z = Mode; X = LED On/Off