PC37x mic not working in CSGO suddenly. Did I miss something?

Hello,  I got my PC37x about a month ago primarily for playing CSGO, and being able to hear my soon to arrive baby while on. It worked fantastic for about a month, and this weekend the microphone stopped getting picked up for in game chat. It worked PERFECT till then. Nothing was unplugged or changed. I have to place the mic basically at my mouth to get any sound at all, and it is so low quality team mates can not understand me.  Before this happened, having it too close was the bigger issue, so it is odd that nothing is getting picked up. I attempted plugging it into different ports, and checked my drivers. I can't find a reason this should have stopped working. It was great till it stopped.  Please help. 

Mar 17, 2021
It might be worth check if windows decided to swap your default recording device. If you go to Control Panel>Sound>Recording, you should be able to see your headset and an audio input level meter so you can see if the microphone is actually working. Also make sure that it is set as default device. If it's working and just not loud enough, you can right click on your microphone and adjust the input volume level. In cs:go you can check your microphone settings by going to Settings>Audio Settings>Audio, then making sure your VOIP volume is set properly.