Want: 27 Inch 1440p 144hz+ Monitor w/ USB-C PD + KVM

With many of us working from home and gaming in the same space, I've grown to love my setup that allows me to switch between my work machine and gaming PC on the same display, keyboard, and mouse with the Viewsonic VP2771. The only problem is -- that display is only 60hz. So, I'm in the market for a new work + gaming monitor with this criteria below and found them pretty difficult to find: Features Wanted
  • 27 Inches
  • 1440p resolution for QHD gaming
  • 144hz+ refresh rate w/ FreeSync or G-SYNC
  • USB-C PD input for use with notebooks (specifically MacBooks)
  • DP + HDMI ports for other sources
  • 2+ USB ports for peripherals + USB-B output to PC
  • Built-in KVM switch between USB-C and USB-B
  • VESA mountable
There's exactly 1 solid and affordable option: the Gigabyte M27Q, but I'm not impressed with the overall quality in reviews. The Eve Spectrum is on its way this spring it looks like, going above and beyond these features with a 240hz option and many of the same features, coming out of a crowdsourced effort, so there's definitely a decent interest for this. Is there a general interest for these features here? Let me know in the replies! I think it's time for another crowdsourced monitor from DROP and its partners 💧


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