I'm not a huge audiophile but I'd want to replace my Scarlett solo with this. Would it run a 250ohm pair of headphones and a mic that needs 48v?


Jun 7, 2021
To get to the point really fast: The XDUOO TA-10R Tube Headphone DAC/AMP will in no way replace your Focusrite Scarlet. This item would plug into the USB on your machine, provide another option for outputs (and *only* outputs; that is key) so that you can have a very nice tube based headphone amplifier. This is NOT an audio interface, like the Scarlet or the MOTU M2, and therefor does *not* provide any microphone input. What I use devices like this for is to get a VERY good set of headphones and use them through a VERY nice dedicated headphone DAC/AMP (like this one, for example) that is completely separate from my audio interface for those times I mix and/or master of on headphones (well, you can also plug the outputs from this particular DAC/AMP into powered studio monitors as well, but that isn’t always the case). If you are looking to upgraded your audio interface, that is quite another bucket of worms!!! 😉 (…and a bucket of worms to open on another site. Heh. Drop does not do full on audio interfaces, sadly.)
Mar 15, 2021
The 'phones should be driven perfectly, but I don't believe this dac/amp has a microphone input or phantom power. You would want an interface or mixer like your Scarlett. I own and would suggest a Motu M2 interface as they come with a high quality DAC and better headphone amplifier than most interfaces. To my knowledge 250ohms should run fine off it, though I also use mine as a DAC while having a Topping a50s amp connected to it for my monitors and higher ohm headphones. Fantastic 2 mic amp with individual 48v for each of the two mic channels and loopback monitoring functionality. There's other good options out there as well. :)
Mar 15, 2021
Wow. That was a really in depth reply brother. I appreciate it :) Will def check out the m2