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Nov 7, 2016
First thanks for all the work you have done in creating some great products. I am saving my pennies to purchase a set of HD800 headphones. From a technical perspective, what makes the HD800 so good? I have seen impulse responses from many different headphones, and the HD800 seems to have the most accurate. Is it the diaphragm material, the diaphragm geometry maybe a large BL product? What kind of insights can you tell us about the design that leads to its accuracy and a\ ? Please, I am not looking for the typical review, I would like to hear a technical opinion. :) Also, in the mean time, what $300 range set of headphones would you consider a close cousin to the HD800? If you don't mind, can you tell me if there is a reason why headphones are not sold with frequency modifying DSP so that headphones more closely match the target frequency response that folks like Sean Olive have been moving towards? I find I have to do this myself with some sophisticated parametric filters to get the best response out of my headphones. Why isn't this made available on most powered head sets or even recommended by headphone manufacturers or music players
Nov 7, 2016
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Question from a book I'm reading
Hi guys, First time post here. New audiophile. I'm reading a book (Harley, Robert. The Complete Guide to High-End Audio (p. 343). Acapella Publishing. Kindle Edition. ) and noticed the following statement: Briefly, inexpensive portable audio devices tend to work best when driving headphones of high impedance (i.e., higher than about 100 ohms). Low-impedance headphones perform better when driven by a more robust amplifier, such as those found in portable DACs and dedicated headphone amplifiers. Is it correct? Based on my knowledge so far, it should be portable audio devices for low impedance headphone, and amp for high impedance ones. TIA! CJ
Feb 22, 2021
Focal elex... everything I hoped for. Three day delivery and packaged well.. first time buy and very happy.
Feb 22, 2021
Finally got Xduoo TA-03S tube amp. It's been a long wait with Covid-19 and then Houston's winter freeze which delayed the shipping even more. I'm pleasantly happy with the sound and it was worth...
Feb 22, 2021
Do i have to have a DAC to use my speakers with an amplifier?
I'm very new to this audiophile-stuff, and i have theese old Sony speakers, so i was wondering if i would be able to use an AMP with the speakers, without a DAC? Can anyone explain how it works? Thanks in advance.
Feb 21, 2021
Any Focal Elegia owners (or of other headphones) that noticed more bass and louder volume with another cable compared to the stock one?
I suspect my Elegia's stock cable came defective. I just plugged both my beyerdynamic Amiron home and HIFIMAN HE 5XX cables to the Elegia and on the same volume on the MIYO DAC (12 of 100), they sound a bit louder and unrestrained, and also the bass sounds big and finally level with the rest of the forward mids and well-blended highs. They're no longer bass shy and bothersome with the showty mids and overall anemic presentation. It's not a small difference. Waddaya guys think? You can still chime in if you've experienced this with other headphones. Is it cable impedance? Cable material? Is my stock cable defective? Is it not defective and that's how the headphones should sound? I want to mention that the horrible, poor excuse of a stock cable is terminated in 3.5mm TS earcup plugs. The HIFIMAN and beyerdynamic cables have 3.5mm TRS earcup plugs. I don't know if that plays into it. I don't think it matters, but I'm not a cable enthusiast. I live the stock cable, single-ended...
Feb 21, 2021
Can the Drop + THX AAA 789, the Drop + THX AAA One linear and the SMSL SP200 be used without a DAC?
I am asking because I want to get one of these Amps now and a Dac later or maybe not get one at all because my input is going to be my macbook pro. I am also asking because i have a budget of 300 usd and even if i get the One linear and a MASSDROP X GRACE DESIGN STANDARD DAC I will be over budget.
Feb 20, 2021
xDuoo Ta-10r, the successor to the TA-10. Any users here?
[image] Just finished reading this review, do you think it will pair well with the 58x/6xx. Making the budget before I take the purchase decision. I won't lie, the color and design grabbed my attention first.
Feb 19, 2021