Superb NRR and music in the workplace?

Hoping to glean some insight from the group here! I work in an EXTREMELY noisy environment for long (12 hours) periods of time, wearing Howard Leight Laser Lite ( ) earplugs (Manufacturer NRR: 32 dB) for the full 12 hours.
I'd like to make an upgrade and have some music during my days! Does anyone know of....
A) An earbud-type headphone with a NRR as close to 32 (or higher) as possible
B) Some nice options for earmuff-type sound protection that I could attach to a wide-brim hard hat? (Class 1, Type E, MSA V-Gard full brim with accessory slot to be precise)

Of course, without leaving the Howard Leight site I can see that they have the Sync Electro H ( ) with a NRR of 25 (which I could wear earplugs underneath if necessary). Hopefully they stand up to all weather conditions, particularly rain and freezing temperatures xD

JUST for a thought on how loud the working conditions are when I'll regularly want music: With my earbuds in (because without I would be deaf by now), I can place my Headrush Rugged Large speaker ( ) about 2' from my head at full volume and I can only mildly hear the music. Quiet songs can't be heard.


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