What’s a good relatively cheap/affordable earphone/headphone that sounds, feels, and looks good that I could bring with me to school and such without worrying about it breaking? Any thoughts and Recommendations are appreciated?

So I have kinda figured out that the people here are extremely smart, talented, and know what their talking about when it comes to anything with audiophile and far more than me at that, so with this in mind I was looking for recommendations and thoughts from you guys on a good, reliable, comfortable, stylish, and relatively cheap headphone/earphone that does not break the bank exceeding $75. All feedback is appreciated.

Mar 19, 2021
im no audiophile by any means, but im just kinda throwing this out there. airpods if you have an iphone IMO are the best daily drivers ive ever used. had them for a couple of years now, battery life is great, little dings on the case from dropping but nothing major by any stretch of the imagination. they of course are not audiophile headphones but they sound great to me, with good bass and treble. buying used/refurb will get u under that 75 dollar mark for sure. plus, super tiny aswell, and if your mischievous like me, i put a hoodie up and wear mine during class time, teacher never knows, you cant really do that with a pair of on/over ears.
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