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Steinhart Watch Drop?

Would anyone else like to see a drop from Steinhart pilots watches? Those things are beautiful and hover around $400 for a swiss movement, you can't beat them and I bet there could be a pretty good deal there as they really only sell online. Man, I just think these things look perfect and you can't beat that have to start looking at Stowa or IWC to get there and that is in the $1500+ range
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Not into the steinhart....hope they Will do it on the Laco brand instead .....those are one of the first brands to make pilots watches together with IWC etc.
Not likely; either way.
They are really nice, I had that model for a couple years, kept good time, the lume was awesome.
oh yeah...
Yes yes yes

Psst: just pulled the trigger on the Ocean 1 GMT Ceramic ;- )
Very nice! You’re gonna love it
Sorry guys, but I don't see this happening. 1) Steinhart doesn't really do sales. 2) The secondary market on eBay goes for almost the retail price, or higher. 3) They tell any & every youtube watch reviewer flat-out that they don't participate in providing (even returnable) watches for review. 4) Finally, they're doing even more limited production runs than ever. Odds of them "cheapening" their brand by dumping units is less than slim. Positive side is there are few watches out there providing more value per dollar. I'd say just buy the model you like at retail,and enjoy.
I heard they were almost ready to go for it but changed their mind at the last moment. Something about MD's new Name and Layout...
Great watch adjusted in 4 positions regulated to-4+7 my titanium 500 gmt +2s/d always steinhart makes a great watch great customer service
It looks really nice, I like it.
Swiss+$400=sign me up.
Would love ro some here
Bought my 1st Steiny a few years back and it still keeps great time (within COSC limits) So impressed with both the timekeeping and the build quality I also bought a Pepsi dial Ocean 44 GMT and now I own 5 of them.
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Just give me more options of weman and watches, thank you for being out and ahead of the crowd on this one. Stay cool, psichosteve.
Mine keeps cosc also. Great timepieces.
I would like to see more Steinhart and other pilot watches in the 1,000$ and under range.
I like their divers better. For pilot watches I would go for Laco
I created a poll for Steinhart divers a a month ago or so, still waiting for Massdrop to make it happen. Divers or pilot - these are really good budget watches. I would get Ocean One or similar diver - 100%. My 50th anniversary green Submariner is not a good option to go fishing, people call me crazy for wearing 10K watch while cutting bunker and clams. That is where Steinhart come in. Great, reliable watch for a very reasonable price. Can anyone from Massdrop post a comment or something to let everyone know if we should wait here or turn to eBay? Thx

I love my Steinhart O1 GMT (ceramic bezel)! The quality, attention to detail, and value is out of this world! Just a beautiful piece. I have this on on an Erika's Original MN strap. It is one of the most comfortable bands I own and really works well with the military aesthetic/James Bond diver thing. Check out Erika's stuff is AWESOME! Plus Erika is a wonderful super nice woman! (not a paid advertising they just rock!)
Steinhart designs good watches, though they source the actual manufacturing to Grovana. I have a NAV B-Uhr Type A 44mm, plus an Ocean One Titanium 500m and they are very nice.
The thing is, Steinhart already sells online and, if I remember correctly, the only authorized reseller is Gnomon. As such, it's gonna be very hard to get a Steinhart drop going because there are only two sources where MD could get units from.
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Exactly - they aren't able to mark down a $450 watch to $200, they've already passed most of the cost savings on to the consumer.
It does give one pause when you think about the price some brands demand simply because of a Swiss made stamp (and I really like my Glycine).
Well said - I really like mine too :)
I would be thrilled to see this Steinhart Nav B-Uhr 44 premium automatik. It is already a GREAT buy for an ETA 2892-A2 Elabore' movement Pilot watch with lots of other features.
I have the Nav B-Uhr manual wind in bronze and I love it. I’m looking at their sterile type B flieger in titanium.
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That's the Steinhart in the middle between a Zelos Chroma bronze and a Maranez Rawai brass. The finish was a a little "satin-y" at first but it developed a nice darkish patina over time.
Love to see the Ocean Vintage Military.
Yes, please
Seriously, why hasn't this happened yet? I need a Steinhart Nav B in my life.
I'd be interested. I have the OVM ( which is pretty nice but subtle. For Fliegers I really like the hand-winding model with display back ( I'm not super fond of all the too-obvious Rolex homages but their own GMT diver is cool (
Sure, I like their divers.
Yes, please!
I'd love to see the Nav B-Chrono !
I wish that Steinhart had a "B-muster" dial design (with the minutes on the outside, hours toward the middle, as in the photo you posted, but with a display back. Perhaps not authentic, but I want to see my watch innerds whenever possible! Even with 30 different configurations, they seemed to have missed the automatic B-muster with exhibition back combination.
any Steinhart would work for me
Why not?? I prefer a Steinhart watch drop, for example: Ocean One Vintage, Ocean Vintage Military or Nav B Chronograph II DLC.
I would love a vintage 1