Best gear for an LSDJ 'keyboard' keyboard?

Hello everyone! Two of my hobbies are intersecting here: mechanical keyboards and chiptune music created on old gameboy hardware. I'll give you a quick primer on the latter since you're less likely to know anything about it. Essentially, you're writing old video game music note by note using nothing but the original Nintendo dot matrix Gameboy, or "DMG" for short. Since it only has four buttons and incredibly low resolution, it's quite a chore to enter in all the values for all the notes and instruments you want into Little Sound DJ, or LSDJ.
LSDJ does offer up an interesting option though: use a keyboard to enter your values in in real-time. This is an interesting little project that requires literally splicing an old school gameboy link cable with a PS2 cabled PC keyboard, and then actually playing that keyboard like a piano using the designated rows of keys. It seems a little extreme, but after you've typed in values for a few days with the DMG, you're ready to try just about anything. It also lets you play 'live' using the gameboy, which is pretty cool.
So my question to this group is, what keyboard and switches would you recommend for this project? Off the top of my head I'm thinking Red switches so you minimize any extra clicking while you're playing music, but I don't know if there's an even better low-noise option. What are some good boards that have PS2 cables instead of USB? Most of the one's I've seen are done with old junky keyboards, but I'd love to make something truly special. Lastly, does anyone know of any LSDJ keycap sets?
Thanks for your ideas!

Nov 6, 2016
Hello, interesting stuff, had a lot of fun to watch some of those videos. Initial thought of mine had been older Tipro pos mk, modded with ergo-clears. Tipro pos for the reason it's reprogrammable to my liking in regards of layout. But it does look oldschool and bulky. DSA keycapset to reflect my "pianolayout" with pos 2u DSA caps for modifiers. Maybe it's not that important to have a native ps2 cable, a mk that runs fine with ps2 and usb might although fit. Filco, Code? Just some thoughts of mine, wish you a lot of fun with your project!