Picking My First Sub

I need a sub for my 5.2 set up and I was considering ordering two Cambridge Soundworks Basscube 8s subwoofers. Checking reviews, a lot of people claim that while the product supplies a decent amount of bass, the bass is boomy and lacks definition. A few people even insisted that it's not a musical product, it's fine for movies, but with music as my ish, it was suggested more than once to look elsewhere. I'm deciding to take the advice, but I don't know subwoofers, or anything about picking quality in a sub. When it comes to musicality, what defines a musical sound in a sub, and how would I pick that out given my interest is music? Are there any subwoofers you would recommend to someone as a first sub if their primary focus in music listening? I'm all ears, team. 😩👂👍

Mar 23, 2021
You might want to look at the Rel HT line of subwoofers. They're supposed to have Rel quality minus some bells and whistles, marketed toward home theater enthusiasts.
https://youtu.be/5Gw3bcG7Wik How fast is a REL, how would it compare against a Kef sub?
Jun 19, 2021
I haven't heard enough subs to give you great advice about this, but from what I've heard the HT line gives a lot of what you get from a Rel sub, which are designed for music, at a low price branded for home theaters. There are some rave reviews online about the Rel HT line that come from more qualified people than I. I own two subwoofers. One is a 12" from Klipsch, the other one is a 10" Rel HT. Because of room constraints, neither is placed ideally. What I will say about the Rel is that it really does seem to disappear when you turn it on, which is what you want for music, generally. The Klipsch is definitely boomier, but of the two it's placement is more problematic, wedged basically inside a cabinet. So not a fair comparison to the Rel which has more room to breathe in its setup.