May 11, 201870 views

Marantz NR1508 or PM5005

I have been contemplating getting one or the other of these for awhile now, and still cant bring myself to drop the $500ish on them. Does anyone have any interest? Maybe some other options?

What’s your goal for this decision.
I have the PM5005, and if all you are interested in is regular stereo listening you won't believe the way it makes your speakers sound. At least my Cerwin Vega AT 15's, I could not believe these were the same speakers. The multi channel version of this amp is like $300 or more. It is the best upgrade I've ever made and my system sounds amazing now. Using it with my Denon home theater receiver.
It has plenty of power and even sounds amazing at low volume. Does not get as hot as I thought it would either. To me it's one of the best upgrades you can make for under $500. I'd say it's well worth it.