May 12, 2018188 views

Massdrop Return Policy Regarding Clothing

There is a jacket I want that's available on here for a good bit cheaper than retail but beyond socks and underwear I'm scared buying clothing from Massdrop because I'm unsure of their return policy. I get not accepting returns for refunds but what about sizing issues? Do they accept returns for sizing issues maybe for an exchange or whatnot? If not I prob wouldn't take the risk.

Massdrop does not do returns, this is a collective buying community not an online retailer. What happens is a bunch of people get together and pool money for a single large order in exchange for a discount from the manufacturer. Anything you buy will usually take over a month before it even ships and there is no retailer or store to return things you dont like.
Yes I understand how this site works. Still doesn't remove the fact that buying clothes online is extremely difficult unless you have previous experience with the brand. Compound that with the fact that many brands on here are lesser known then it's quite difficult to justify spending money on clothing that might not fit right with no viable exchange path. I mean heck it wouldn't be that hard to order extras of different sizes and have the purchaser pay return shipping and shipping for the replacement. I mean they do that already anyway since that is exactly what the Bazaar is.