Ordered Clears, Received ALT Hi-Profile Instead lol

Hey all, It's my first post here, not really sure if this is appropriate, but wanted to get some input. I ordered Halo Clears from Drop through Amazon, and instead I received an aluminum frame Drop ALT Hi-Profile with browns lmao. I understand I just received a $250 board for $55, but I'm not interested in keeping this board. I emailed their support and they said because I ordered from Amazon, they can't refund me - they can only send a replacement set of Halo Clears if I return the keyboard. I was hoping I'd be able to get a refund on the clears and get a free set in return for the trouble of returning the keyboard, considering I could just as easily keep the board due to their mistake. What would you all recommend I do?

Mar 29, 2021
I say you keep it and sell it for profit and just order another set of clears. It's gonna take time to ship back, wait for processing, and then you'd have to wait for them to ship the new order. You can make some money and it'd be faster.
Mar 28, 2021
Let's see -- they undoubtedly want you to pay the $15 shipping fee to return it, then wait several weeks until it can be processed. I can see that Jeff Bezos is short of cash right now, but that seems like a bit much to put on your plate. "Ethics" is the philosophical provenance of rich parasites that live off of the sweat of others -- "turn the other cheek" -- I think not.