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Question - Massdrop-made and limited production for “Audiophiles”

Massdrop-made items have given many individuals, including myself, the chance to own products that would have been out of financial reach. The Sennheiser 6xx, HifiMan 4xx, and Cavalli CTH are a few products in the Audiophile community that has gotten a lot of positive reception and with ridiculously low prices compared to their counterparts.
My question is, what are the chances a “limited production” item like the Massdrop X Liquid Carbon X or the Massdrop X THX AAA 789 would make a return? They were limited production units but as I’ve recently seen, the 6xx just came back with an additional 2000 units for sale (~45,000 last close, now it’s ~47,000).
Another question to add on is, what’s an item you’d like to see make a return? Sound off in the comments below!
Personally, I want the THX AAA 789 amp!
Kensuke Kawashita, eyeris92, and 1 other

I'd love to see the Massdrop Plus IEMs drop
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That’s awesome! can you start a poll for the Massdrop x THX AAA 789? Lol
Dont think so, but its in here every couple of months