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Brand We Love: Glycine

We’re spotlighting a selection of companies that help make Massdrop the community it is today. From big names to lesser-knowns, these are the brands we can’t stop talking about at the Massdrop HQ.
About Glycine Since its founding in 1914, Glycine has continuously produced fine Swiss watches at its factory in Bienne, Switzerland. Glycine is recognized as one of the pioneers for aviation and world-timer watches for pilots and frequent travelers. Today, the brand is well known for producing quality timepieces at affordable prices with an emphasis on reliable tool watches—and it’s a favorite amongst enthusiasts around the world.
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What do you think about Glycine?
eggman99, ijgprojects, and 13 others

Definitely a brand that so far i love. And mostly a brand that so far i can afford.

I can't help but notice the Invicta tacky touch to Glycine
I just received a Golden Eye from the last drop and I love the looks of it although I was hoping the brown would be a bit darker but that's a minor nit. So far it runs great and only loses a couple of seconds a day. My only issue is that the bezel doesn't seem to fit properly. If you push on the bezel from the top (around the 4:00 marker) it compresses a little. Like I said I love the looks of it and it runs well, so this is a minor thing but it does bug me. Anyone else have this issue on a Combat Sub?
I hate to say this, but I have two Glycines, and the movements on both are a little funny, after less than a year. Specifically, when I pull out the stems, it's hard to tell whether it is in the right position for winding, date changing, or hacking. One of them I can't change the date on unless I fiddle with it for a while, with gut-wrenching moments where I wonder, Should I force it or not, there's too much resistance? Both are JomaShop, and I really don't want to deal with their repair, especially on a dive watch. I have watched a repairman take apart watches, and a common shortcut for non-ADs is to not replace the gasket on the back plate, which you need for waterproofedness. There is no standard for these gaskets, and repairmen have boxes of all different sizes, and you have to hope your non-AD bothers to look for something that will be adequate and installs it.
I'm wondering if the sub-$1,000 discount price models are a bit too Chinese?
Bought a golden eye. Yes its different and of course a nice one! Looking forward for the next Combat GL0092 drop ! Thats also a very nice watch.
Great watches. Good quality for a fair price. Nice design.