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Brand We Love: Victorinox

We’re spotlighting a selection of companies that help make Massdrop the community it is today. From big names to lesser-knowns, these are the brands we can’t stop talking about at the Massdrop HQ.
About Victorinox In 1884, Victorinox founder Karl Elsener opened his cutlery workshop in Switzerland. After a few years of honing his craft, he was given the opportunity to supply the Swiss army with their standard-issue blade. The rest is history. Over the past century, Victorinox has continued its dedication to quality and drastically expanded its offerings—all while still holding true the spirit of craftsmanship that its reputation was built on.
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What do you think about Victorinox?
squashed_grapes, SAUL EDUARDO AVALOS URQUIZA, and 16 others

I have a Huntsman knife, two INOX watches (auto stainless and titanium quartz), a leather wallet and even shower gel! Love the brand. Great design, integrity, imagination and quality. I would love to see a Drop on a INOX quartz stainless steel.
Copper or ti scaled models would be sweet, especially on the pioneer x
Or the cadet
Love Victorinox, just wish they'd release more Alox models than the classic, pioneer, and cadet. There's so many good models out there that deserve a turn as Alox.
My first knife was also a Vic, a Classic.
Some rotten child stole it from me within a year, probably within three months of when I received it.
So now I buy all the knives and don't hand them to people unless I'm actually giving it to them.
Before I started collecting modern folders all I had were SAKs. Got my first one when I was 8 or 9. I've had one with me almost every day. They are more rugged than they look, in my experience. Very well made, versatile, and they make great gifts.
My favorites right now are the Compact, Pioneer X, and Manager. My favorite and most used tool is the scissors. I have a Compact in my left pocket as I type this.
I'd love to see a thin model like the Compact with no blades, big scissors, and a phillips head driver.... it would make a nice companion to my pocket knives.
I've purchased many victorinox items since the 70s. In my opinion there one of the best companies for EDC. I've owned from the smallest knife up to the champ . Outstanding quality with a life long warranty. we really like sum of the new designs & colors that Victorinox offers.