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Looking for a cheap camera that still allows you to change the lens and flash. Any recommendations or tips? I am just starting out.

I was in the same predicament. I went with the Nikon D40. Super good APS-C Camera when it was released. Understand that it will wobble a little when put against newer cameras these days. The buffer is trash, and it has about 6-7 megapixels. However, it is a perfect learning tool or for jumping into photography for the cheap. I love working with it. You can get that camera and a nifty fifty Nikon 50mm f1.8 for about 200 on Ebay if you search around. Can't beat it. I attached some images to show that it is some pretty good quality for a ~100 dollar camera body


what's your price range?
It really depends on usage. Traveling a lot? Hiking? Portraits of friends and family? Taking photos of some new product / service you're making / offering?
Let's say you're starting a clothing line and want to photograph the clothing and eventually models in your line. That would be a very different entry camera than if you're looking for something lightweight and portable to take on trips and family outings.
It seems that Massdrop always has some sort of starter camera from either Nikon or Canon on drop. Currently its which might be fine for you to start with.
First question would be: what's your budget?