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m9XX or Jotunheim for gaming? I am using a pair of HE-400i and may soon be purchasing the 660s.

Hello, I am looking for an AMP/DAC for gaming and music, mostly gaming though. I would like an amp/DAC that delivers clean/precise sound. The Schiit Jotunheim is obviously more powerful but is it better for gaming and in general than the m9XX?

oh Dude. Go with the Jot. Far more versatile. And yes, more powerful.
do you seek any other suggestions?
but the simple and short answer; The Jot.
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Agreed! don't cheap out! get the multibit.
I am using a AT2035 with the UX2 as a mic/interface. Apparently, someone told me that the Sound Blaster X7 is a great amp for gaming...