[Jelly Key] Men v. Droids – untold stories artisan keycaps

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When madness and greatness come together, what will happen? This is how Christopher – a very special boy – became a surgeon and how fate has led his way to be more than that.
a bit of Christopher
Christopher was born into a family without a mother. He grew up with his father since he was only two years old, one of the critical stages of raising a child that needs the presence of both parents the most. And yet, he was deprived of that basic privilege which everyone in this world should have. Understanding this great hardship that Christopher had to undergo at such a young age, his father devoted his entire love and energy to him. He vowed on his wife’s death that he would do everything to make up for this loss and raise Christopher in a way that any child should be treated. From that moment on, the life of this miserable father revolved around only two things: Christopher and his mechanical robot creations.
a cyber era in Christopher’s life
The father was an uncredited robot scientist who had spent most of his life making these intelligent machines for a great cause: to help and assist human beings achieve more than just what needs to be done in their day-to-day lives. He owned an incredible robot collection and often used it with Christopher to do all kinds of experiments together: assembling the parts, learning the functions of each piece inside, or even taking a ride on the robot’s shoulder around the house.
But most of all, Christopher’s favorite thing to do with his father was to build a robot from scratch. This meant he got to create the robot’s framework sketch, then choose the platform to program it, “build the brain”, which was arguably the most important step in making a robot, and finally produce the shell. The duo went ahead and immersed themselves in this irresistible passion of making upgraded versions of labor-saving machines that humans have long been spending tons of time and money to do. These developments all paved the way for today’s vision of our robotic future, not just of Christopher’s.
For certain kinds of robots, the “brain” would need to be compatible with specific components. We’re talking about laser scanners, motor drivers, touch sensors, or even accommodating messaging connectivity. It was very often that they had to upgrade cyberware implants for the robots; which was quite difficult to find as there were times they had to resort to black markets for the desired parts such as frontal cortex, ocular, circulatory, immune, nervous system, etc. This explained why the father wanted more than a robot just to clean the houses or do the dishes. He wanted them to be communicative, subtly sophisticated, and revolutionary.
More information & photos: https://www.jellykey.com/artisan-keycaps/men-v-droids-untold-stories-artisan-keycaps/


Apr 7, 2021
dang, this would have worked for my nautical dieselpunk/lovecraft themed keyboard