May 15, 2018300 views

fostex th900 tuned like thx00

Dear massdrop and fostex,
th900 bass, soundstage and imaging + thx00 ebony mids and treble = my empty wallet.

stick that th900 big ass magnet inside thx00.
detachable cables instead of the free jump rope that comes attached to thx00.
keep the sexy, sexy wood cups.

call it th9XX or th900 mkX or
eargasminator 9XXX

Yours sincerely,
My inner basshead
omniweltall, David Jones III, and 2 others

The only flagship class headphones I've seen them do collaborations on are the HD6xx (HD650 IS a former flagship) and the Noble K10 collaboration. Both of those no longer held their title as flagship when the collaboration happened. Didn't happen for almost a decade after the Senn lost it's title to the HD800. These collaborations are a way to get a formerly more expensive product on the cheap due to either a fatal flaw in the original product or it reaching the end of its life cycle to the manufacturer. I wouldn't hold my breath on the 900 until Fostex brings out something even crazier.