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Sennheiser HD 660, HE-500, or HE-400i for gaming?

I am seeking some advice regarding headphones. I am looking for a comfortable pair of balanced headphones to be paired with the Jotunheim.

HE-500 slaughters all of those other headphones in every single department minus comfort and build quality. It's a gem considering how hard it is to find and how good it sounds. Though it seems to have a worthy successor in the HiFiMan Sundara.
All 3 are bad choices if you're just gaming on them though, as was the Jotunheim.
660s are surprisingly way different than 650s for gaming. 660s are suited to gaming more than 650s.
I love my HE-500 but the comfort might get to you if you will be in for some long sessions. It's also a less than ideal soundstage presentation for gaming IMO. I've not heard the 660 yet but I didn't think the HD650's were great for gaming. If gaming is your primary aim you may want to look outside of these three. I use a Phillips X2 with a Vmoda Boompro mic, it's super easy to drive, comfortable and has a decent soundstage. A little more low end response than competitive FPS players may want but I enjoy it.
I am using an AT2035 with the UX2 for voice, just need headphones for optimal comfort and sound
I doubt you will find anyone taking hifiman over sennheiser for comfort purposes. I've owned two Hifiman over-ear headphones and they definitely rank quite low in comfort. My HD650 however ranks quite high on the comfort front. I just think the 500 sounds better than the 650 for most genres. Keep in mind the 500 is best enjoyed with roughly a 1 watt or so of power.
I own the HE-400i. I do not own the Senn HD 660 but i do own the Senn HD 598, which is a lesser quality headphone than the HE-400i for most smooth listening purposes. With that being said, I exclusively play video games with the Senn HD 598. They are brighter and louder un-amped, which adds to the game effects. They also have a wider sound stage than the unamped HE-400i. Amped, however, the 400i is almost impossible to beat for both music and gaming.
thank you, I am either going to go with the 6xx or 660s
None of those come with balanced cables. For gaming and comfort, go for the Senns