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It's official-ish

Theroc, Duncan, and 1 other

Hard to imagine how it couldn't. It's a7 predecessors are already superb.
That said, if I had $2K to spend on a camera, I'd scrape together another $1K and get the a7R III.
On 2nd thought, no I would not. I'd get the a7 III even if I had $3000 to spare. I'd spend the difference on glass. As awesome as the a7R III is, I don't need 48M pixels.
Sony recently hosted an event at my local camera store(Michael's @ Melbourne Australia). I managed to get my hands on a A7III with the 24-70 F2.8 G Master out for a walk. I agree that it is the best value you can get at the 2000 price range. It definite gives you the most features compare to its competitors. If I have the budget, I would not hesitate buying it.
I would think that if it is the best camera you would want to get shot with it. Unless you are really photo shy.
I prefer to be behind the camera; you on the other hand, should definitely stand over there, by the wall...