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Koss KPH30i vs Sonicgear Vibra 5

I first bought the Koss KPH30i headphones cause of the promising reviews I saw on Massdrop, but recently I feel defeated because my friend bought a local pair of headphones named the Sonicgear Vibra 5 that were like 10-20 bucks cheaper than mine and many said that his actually wins in comparison. This is just a random discussion as we both seek cheap yet great headphones so I hope you all won't be enraged by anything wrong I've said as I'm still a newbie. (p.s I love my pair of headphones a lot)


Listen to them, and see what you like more. It doesn't matter what reviewers think.
Alright! I understand what you mean by that,thanks a lot :D
Win in which aspects? And why?
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Sure, that's the way to go
please do guide me more in future and correct me if I tend to misunderstand or go wrong