I came onto Drop to look at some watches and I ended up buying these headphones. It's not the first time making a purchase other than watches. I've bought a lot of stuff! But that now ends. I haven't even opened up a Drop page to look at any new products. I'm done with Drop. It was always the watches that drew me into drop and now that they are gone, so am I.


Apr 3, 2021
I got a pair and they’re satisfactory for the price. It took almost a month to get them. I found that I could have gotten them from a popular web retailer in a day if I spent two dollars more. There may be some deals on Drop but from the daily emails I get from them I feel they’re trying to tailor an impulse-buying algorithm to get me to buy something, anything. Nothing really wrong with that but the “exclusive, curated buying club” pitch is an illusion.