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Buy this Orange pen (you can thank me later)

This is a JINHAO 159--one of the best bargains in the world of cheap, Chines fountain pens. They're generally available from the usual sources for less than $10, but today, Goulet Pens is offering the Orange version for $7.95
Why do I recommend them? This is a Grande-sized pen with a large, smooth-writing, Number 6 nib, that comes with a converter--that's the value part. The fun part is just writing with one. If you've ever wondered what Montblac's thousand dollar-ish monster Meisterstück 149 would actually feel like in your hand, this is your ticket to the cheap seats; the two share nearly identical measurements.
Here's a link to the sale:
By the way, if Orange is not your thing, Jinhao 159s are available several other colors for a few bucks more. Don't forget to search for this brand on Amazon too; their prices are often less...
PS: those are Parker 51s on the right. I recommend them too ;- )
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Aren't those IKEA potholders great? :D
so in my experience, Jinhao nibs are very much hit or miss—even after tuning only about 2/5 are usable (at least with my limited skills). Can you swap a bock or Jowo #6 into this beast?
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Should have gone to the pen show in Dallas--you couldn't swing a dead cat without hitting a dozen 51s just like it (only in better condition).
Know about the Date Codes on 51s ?
What mat is that?
Nevermind, found it! Ikea Hängsyren pot holder, if anyone else was wondering.
Pot holder?! The hell you say--it's a "Strümsason Mit Pen-Schnob´n" mat!!!
Thanks for the recommendation. I bought one, got it a couple days ago and I've greatly enjoyed writing with this big ol' bastard. Very smooth and its size makes it quite easy to grip.
Thanks I got one and it does look good.
I agree. This is a nice cheap pen. Add a better nib from one of the online retailers and you’re in business.
I just came here to say that I have the same oven mat from IKEA. Nice pens btw (and I see those blue diamonds. Impressive.)
OVEN MAT?!!! They told me it was a pen mat!!!
Agree. I like the big Jinhao nibs — they are super-smooth. But I got a Jinhao x750 instead. That weird shield on the 159's clip bugs me.
Yeah, not it's strongest feature.
I bought that big orange monster a few days ago as well and the shipping from Goulet Pens was Super-FAST! I already own the black Jinhao 159 but figured that at such a low close-out price I might as well pick up another. Although I don’t use it much, the pen feels and looks’s a head turner for sure.
Bet we start seeing celerities carrying them to sign their autographs now. I think we've started something ;- ) Nice pic by the way!
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Hot damn. Why am I following you again? You’ll cost me money in areas outside my interests!
I’m not super into pens, nor do I hand write often other than my rent checks and cards to mail for celebrations, but... $10 or less? I suppose, next, you’re going to tell me it has great writing performance and ink flow, and make a world of a difference compared to the disposable pens that are so ubiquitous that they’re nearly free?
All that, and it will improve your handwriting--(not to mention, add ten points to your IQ, and make you irresistible to attractive women, earning upper-percentile, six-figure incomes).
I like big pens and I cannot lie.
Ha! Already bought it earlier today. I have another Jinhao that writes really well. Looking for this so I can switch the nib to a Goulet . I'd love to get ahold of a Parker 51 in good condition one day.
You're a smart shopper!
BTW, plenty of 51s still out there (they're tough to kill) but the prices are getting stupider every day. I started collecting them about 15 years ago before they were cool (kidding--they've always been cool ;- ) At the time, you could pick up decent "drawer-finds" on eBay for under fifty bucks--triple that for good ones now.
My first 51 actually belonged to a friend of my father. That well-used 51 sat in a desk for 40 years after the fellow passed away. All I had to do to get it up and running again was take it apart, clean it up and put it back together. I still have it--works great. Like I say, they're tough to kill.
Good to know. I've got a couple of Shaeffers, but I'm hoping that my Mom might find a 51 as she's spring cleaning. I must admit, I've enjoyed getting back into handwriting again. And being here in Richmond, I feel like I'm supporting the local economy when I buy from Goulet.