speakers/monitors <200$

I know this is nothing new... I'm looking for the best audio I can get for 200$. If it's a 2.1, a couple of powered monitors or a couple of passives and an amp or a dac combo.
Right now I have a very basic 2.1 system I've had for about 7 years now. The Eacan a200-II. It's a Malaysian company apparently... Wasn't able to find too much information on it.
I enjoy having a good bass but obviously I can't buy a sub with my budget, not now and probably not in the next few years. But I also very much enjoy a flat frequency response, so no flashy "boom" bass is needed. If I can get monitors with at least an "ok" bass response I can live with it. If not... A 2.1 is probably my best choice?
Other than that, is there any other good forum I should consult with? A good store with international shipping other than Amazon or maybe ebay?
Last question. Are there usually any good deals on speaker/monitors etc. on black friday? Should I wait?


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