Thoughts on mt3 profile over time ?.

Hello, I'm wondering folks' thoughts about the mt3 profile are after having used keycaps with it for a period of months or even years? Did you find yourself loving it more? less? the same? If you liked it did it become your day to day preference, or is it maybe more like a fun profile to use now and then? Curious because I'm new to mechanical keyboards and got some mt3 profile keys without even realizing it had such a unique profile (sorry I'm a total noob). I kind of like the profile, but at the same time it's a much less familiar feel than OEM type profiles and I'm having a hard time telling how I will like it over time, whereas with OEM or cherry profiles I know I'll still be ok with it day to day with heavy usage. I think I will probably return the keycaps and revisit mt3 when I have a bit more money to spend and decide to have a second keyboard for playful discovery. I think as my first main keyboard I just feel more comfortable with cherry or OEM profile but honestly I'm super undecisive, hence wondering what folks who've had the mt3 profile for a while think about it? Did anybody who was all about cherry or OEM profile switch their daily use keycaps to mt3? thanks alexsunny

This is the audio community. You are also asking a question that is subjective. It all comes down to personal preference.
Heads up you posted this under Audiophile and not Mech Keys, may get more replies if included in that community.