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Wait for Massdrop EDC3 drop to end or purchase the Massdrop x MEE audio PXs?

I originally was faced with the hard dilemma of whether it would be worth it to pay $80 plus tax to fix my BeatsX or to finally give in and start being a real(ish) audiophile. I mostly listen to Jazz, Funk, Hip Hop, so a lot of bass heavy stuff but I tend to listen and enjoy almost all genres of music. That is why the EDC3s seemed great to me, but I'm not totally sure if its worth it to wait or even if the PXs are worth it?
I'd be grateful for a recommendation out of the two, or even of a completely different set of IEMs at the same pricepoint.

I don't own either of the EDCs, but I do own the PX and really like it. If you're looking for an entry-level audiophile IEM, it's a great option. The only thing that concerns me about recommending it is that you mention listening to a lot of bass-oriented music. With the PX, or any other more neutrally tuned headphone (i think this is the tuning of the EDC3 as well), you might be disappointed if you're not used to the flatter sound. Just a heads up on that. But if you want to go clean, clear, and flat, the PX is great.
If you want a more "lively" tuning, the 1More Triple Driver that's currently up on MD is a great option at $75. You could go cheaper and find the Klipsch R6 series, which are often findable at great discounts ($50 or less). Very nice bass-oriented IEM.
If you want to stay with a flatter tuning, The Klipsch X11 is a great option as well that you can often find in the $70-ish range. While I love the PX, it's an "at home" IEM, because of the relatively unwieldy size. The X11 is tiny, and is my favorite go-anywhere option.
I haven't heard any Beats IEMs, but have heard many of their over-ears. If the IEMs are similar quality, any of the options you get advice on here are likely to be a better way to spend your money. Enjoy!
Staying at the same price point, what are some good options for bluetooth iems
I haven't had a lot of luck with wireless IEMs - I've tried a few but either gifted or returned pretty much all of them. That said, I do own two sets that I'm happy with. One is from an off-brand - the Phaiser BHS-730. I found it just browsing on Amazon, and it turned out, much to my surprise, that they are actually pretty good. I think a lot of people would be happy with them.
The other I literally just opened yesterday. I picked up the Klipsch R6 neckband on a really good deal from BuyDig on eBay (aside from Massdrop, they're my other reliable bargain hunting vendor for headphones). The bass-oriented tuning is essentially the same as the wired R6 I mentioned above, and they actually look pretty good on top of it.
At first listen, this might get a place in my bargain-headphone-pickup hall of fame. I can't comment from a long-term perspective, but they sound great. At $50, the price to performance ratio looks stellar. They're still on sale at the same price if you want to take a look.
I've picked up a bunch of the recent buds. The EDC and EDC3 didn't impress me much. $25 audio quality. The MEE Pinnacle PX are my favorite for sound. They play everything very well. Clean, robust sound. The Ostry KC09 sound almost as good but are way more comfortable than the PXs. I see the KC09s becoming my everyday buds.
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Both the EDC and EDC3 lack detail and bass. They just don't do anything particularly well. I have a handful of cheap buds and they sound pretty much the same. They are very comfortable though.
I ended up going with a weird but good( I think) choice of joining the Magaosi k5 drop because of the promise of good dual wired and bluetooth quality. But I'm internalizing all of the advice for my future audiophile(ish) life.