This is disappointing...

So this is my first time using Drop to buy keyboard parts and accessories from. Right off the bat bad experience. I ordered gmk samurai keycaps from Drop and I gave them my address at checkout. After a while I got my tracking from drop and dhl. At first, it showed my address. Then today, it says that it was shipped to Singapore! I am very upset at this and I sent a bunch of emails about Dropshipping me a new set to the RIGHT location this time. No response. I am wondering if their customer support would even get back to me at all. Hey @DROP, why won't you respond to me finally and tell me about the issue and how to solve it? Why won't you guys just respond and refund or send another order to me?

Thanks for flagging @erickong ! Hi @mhrysche ! I looked into your support tickets and see that you were already assisted by a member of our support team. If you have any other questions or concerns, please redirect them to the ticket. Thanks!