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How do you carry your EDC?

I find that the more I get into EDC, the less pocket real estate I actually have. On any given day, I have my phone, keys, Kershaw rake folder, fossil leather card wallet, pen, boker plus gnome, and a locally made wooden beard comb. I am looking into making a kydex sheath to neck carry the gnome, and I just ordered a brass hook to hang my keys from my belt, but I would like to minimize the bulk. Lately I have been looking at leather EDC belt pouches... does anyone use them? Pros/cons? Where can I get a decent one that wont break the bank?

...and as I stated prior...she won't even carry a purse....
As an aside, I am a hiker/backpacker as well...I could actually get by w/out the full-sized blade at times but when I need it, then its not there...In all fairness, I am probably more aware of what I need versus what I want, than most....Additionally, My GF just moved to AK (in the bush)to work for the next several months and she took way more stuff than I would have, but in all fairness, it is unknown territory for both of us. I'll be joining her in January for a period of time. So, I will have the luxury of her experience, which will aid in my packing as well. But that becomes a function of cost, transportation etc. as well...So, we'll see.
OK, so how often do you actually use all the crap you are carrying around ? My GF doesn't even carry a I carry a leather Columbia money clip/holder, my key chain/holder is a paracord deal from Bomber & Co - and there is one of their B2 knives on there (you can also clip that to your belt or belt loop if you are so inclined), my iPhone and either my Kershaw or CRKT flipper. All of that literally fits in one hand...easily. You just need to edit, not buy more 'stuff'. imho It shouldn't be a chore to 'load' all of your EDC stuff up when you leave the house. It should be 'grab and go'...again, my opinion.
Only difference between your daily carry and mine is that instead of a money clip I use a Bellroy Travel Folio (because i travel a lot) and I carry a pen and tiny notepad. I’ve been carrying everything in my hands for years but every once in a while I have to hunt around for something that gets separated. At the end of the day it’s all a matter of personal preference; there’s no right or wrong. But... “stuff” is like a gas - it will expand to consume all available space. :)
I'm more or less at the same point myself and I've finally decided to go the route of a small shoulder bag. The problem is I cant find one that suits me, so I just started a thread. What is your recommendation for an EDC "man bag"? For me , stuffing my "stuff" into a bunch of leather pouches that I then stuff in my pockets is not the right route. I'm tired of gathering up all my things from a pile on the armoire when I head out the door and want everything in one single bag... "grab and go" is what I'm after.
Current set up.  Probably overkill, but still, it all fits in  about three pockets. 
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The card holder at the top came from, the wallet at the bottom came from, the leather pouch came from Allegory Goods and drops here on Massdrop from time to time.  They also do a leather belt pouch that I've seen here as well.  The knife slip, notebook cover and coin pouch I made myself from Horween Brown Chromexcel leather.  A google search should show quite a few leather goods sites that use it for their products, notably the aforementioned Popov Leather and Hitch and Timber, whose style and design I used for inspiration.
Awesome thanks
I use this little organizer from popov. Holds my flashlight and knife. The elastic mostly holds a bit driver, I’ll switch in a pen depending on need.
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Thank you so much!
Currently using this for the extras I don't want in the pockets. Though it is just barely small enough to squeeze in a back pocket, I usually keep it stashed in the center console or backpack when im bike commuting. Personally not to keen on hip pouches, its still bulk just somewhere else. I like leather rolls a lot. Diverse, durable, stashable. This one I picked up from Allegory Goods and I think has actually popped up on MD before.

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I emailed Allegory Goods and they were able to do a special direct order for me as this item I don't think is offered anymore on their site. They were very helpful and had it made and shipped to me in a week. They also do custom orders if you have something different in mind.
I believe that this, or a version of it, drops here on Massdrop from time to time.