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I generally like to feel little in the pocket, but have capabilities.

I usually keep my smartphone (iPhone 8+, like the screen size, power, and battery, but wish it was smaller in-pocket) in a wallet case, this year it‘s a Blue portfolio Harleen leather Nomad case. It holds more cards (enough cards) and cash than my last back-only wallet case, but the flap is a bit annoying when taking photos and the weight is noticeable.

I’m one of those people that LOVES my Apple Watch. I need timers, alarms, and this not only lets me have them and more than one, but it’s a personal digital assistant. Oh, and it makes my car’s Bluetooth tolerable and revolutionized driving directions for me 😄 This was a first-gen Steel watch (older than Series 1, which added a faster dual-core processor), and the battery lasts about 12 hours with a 30 minute workout in there, and tho Siri used to work better than the phone the mic is a bit gunked up after 4 years. Here, I’m sporting my knock-off leather Modern Buckle band, which hides the tail of the strap compared to a normal band, and I greatly prefer that.

In my right pocket I carry my keys, Reylight Pineapple copper flashlight (this is pretty new), Spyderco Dragonfly 2 in Orange. I almost never put things in my back pockets because I hate sitting on hard things. 😶

The Dragonfly is left over when I wanted something cool but not threatening-sized at my old retail store, and it fit in the pocket watch “5th pocket” of my jeans without interfering with the walkie talkie I used to have to carry at my old retail job. The Spyderco Byrd Robin was just as functional, but I love the upgrade... wire deep carry clip, lighter weight, mesmerizing pattern on the FRN handles, finer gimping, finger choir extends the grip when unfolded, top ramp really locks in your grip, D-shaped pivot screw for maintainence, and a Swedge on the blade that gives it a face with stern eyebrows and a lot of character! The Delica should have the front finger choil too, meh. I recently added a Tactical Keychains “TUKK” to my keychain, this carries on a keychain better than a Swiss Army Classic because it’s thinner... really wish I had this during my retail days as it would’ve been the PERFECT inconspicuous, unthreatening box cutter that would let me cut the shrinkwrap for customers before they even realized I had an edge. I only just today found a split-ring to thread on the magnetic quick-release, so this knife can quickly separate from the keys and firmly reattach.

Though I always have at least one blade (usually two, especially now with the TUKK on my keys) and a flashlight, I don’t always have the Burt’s Bees. I have one at home and one in my leather jacket’s breast pocket, so I do always have it when weather requires. I love Burt’s Bees, especially the salve, because it doesn’t have petroleum jelly which feels greasy and actually dries out your lips faster than not using chapstik, and since I apply the minty salve with a finger it’s still good to share with a friend.

I don’t always have my Sennheiser IE 80 S either, but I always have some form of personal audio at home and usually bring something like the Sennheiser’s out with me if I’ll be out longer than a restaurant meal.

I do always have a Newsboy/Driving cap, because my thin-haired head gets sunburnt easily and it’s just part of my “look” these days. This one is a grey herringbone from Banana republic, their medium sized caps fit me perfect and are nice and lightweight!
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With you 100% on the Apple Watch. I’m thinking of starting another thread: “Pocket dumps for nudists” guessing they carry less stuf, no?
They carry the hopes and dreams of us all.
Remains to be seen!
Do you ever really use the knife? When I carry one around I get a little nervous like someone will see it and freak out and call the cops or something. I dont keep one around even though it would be so helpful with opening all the boxes I get.
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Well it might have been a little different for me as a college student. People are always on edge because of all the shootings in the country and what not.
I can relate.