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I need some help...

So I am really new to this whole audiophile thing, and have tiny budget. (Less than $150) I am in need of a DAC that will pair well with my SMSL SAP II Pro amp and HE-4xx's. Any suggestions?

For your usage? I'd definitely check out the FiiO Q1 mk II
I'd take a look at Topping D10. Feature set and performance for the price are unmatched by anything I'm aware of.
Echo the D10, also add in the Modi 2 uber and Audioquest dragonfly (if portability would all be beneficial). The SDAC from MD/Grace is also decent if you don't care about 192khz content, not that I've seen it pop up in a while.
Thanks, will do
Have you looked at the ODAC or the Schiit Modi 2. Both are good DACs for 100.